Bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide

How to use products that lighten hair and hair! Also consider How long to leave bleach in hair 30 vol

Guys, the bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide can do real magic on your hair and hair, see? With them, you can discolor the strands and rock!

And if you are brunette and want to lighten the strands, make locks or even color your hair blue, pink or any other color, the tip is to use bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide. But to make these changes, you need to be very careful not to spoil the look, okay? Look at my tips so you don't miss:

The bleaching powder

It has many different types of bleaching powder , see? You can also choose if you prefer ready-made hair bleaching kits or fast-acting bleachers, which are ideal for those with very thick black hair. Oh, and he's also great for anyone who wants to be with that light blond in no time.

Another option is the slower action, with chamomile and other natural products, which are ideal for those who want to make wicks. The good thing is that, as they act more slowly, you can control how much hair will discolor. Really good right? In addition, as these are much softer, they are perfect for fine, dry hair.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a mixture of water, cream and oxidizer, which activates the bleaching powder to lighten. And the amount of oxidant in the hydrogen peroxide is measured in volumes. It has 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes. The higher it is, the greater the power to lighten the wires! Ah, but for every use you make, it has a right volume, see? Look that:

10 volumes - is the one that comes with 3% oxidant. It is the weakest and does not have the power to lighten. So it is used only in toners, to give that highlight in hair color, you know? In addition, she is also great for mattizers, which serve to remove the yellow and orange hair from the blonde. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to act, depending on the product you are using with it.

20 volumes - it has 6% oxidant and lightens up to five tones. The most common is to use hydrogen peroxide with this volume to discolor hair because, although not so strong, it can leave blond hair in a few minutes when it is used with the bleaching powder. Oh, and it is also ideal for lightening very dark hair and for you to get that red or light brown, okay? In this case, it lightens up to 3 tones.

30 volumes - this one already has 9% oxidant. It is ideal for those in a hurry to lighten their hair because it leaves them very light in less than 10 minutes. And if you like to bleach your eyebrows, the tip is to use this hydrogen peroxide, okay? It's just that she acts on thicker hair in a very safe way. On the other hand, along with the bleaching powder, it is usually used to create highlights, very intense red tones and a more yellow blond.

40 volumes - with 12% oxidant, this hydrogen peroxide is the most dangerous to use. That's because it acts super fast and can ruin your hair. So the tip is to use it only with the help of a professional, okay? And along with the bleaching powder, it will help you to get platinum blonde and even color your hair with different colors, like pink, blue or green. Ah, but don't use it to discolor hair, okay? Hydrogen peroxide with this volume can make the skin red and cause burns.

And a tip to bleach hair or hair is to use, in addition to hydrogen peroxide and bleaching powder , a bowl for dyeing and a brush to mix and apply the product, disposable gloves and a comb to separate the strands.

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